Makila 2A1 x2


19 passengers
11,000 kgs

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Airfame and engines under PBH and SBH
8 years inspection performed in August 2022
Aircond BEHR, Aux pod fuel tanks
Kit for flight in limited icing conditions
Emergency floatation gear
Goodrich 28V electrical hoist fixed parts
HEEL, Cargo sling 3.8 T fixed parts
Collins HF9X00 HF/SSB, NAT NPX 138 VHF/FM
Dual FMS/GPS 5024
M’ARMS HUMS with HOMP and Allied Combi CVFDR
TCAS II Collins 4000, HR Smith 503 ADELT

Caution/warning panel
Multifunction LCD display 6’’x8’’ x4
Stopwatch x2
Triple tachometer x2
VMS with AMC and 2 LCD displays |
ATC Mode-S Transponder TDR 94D-409
Chelton 7 VHF/AM Marine dual frequency homer
Collins HF9X00 HF/SSB •Collins Proline 21 DME
VHF/AM Collins Proline 21 x2
Dual FMS/GPS 5024
Honeywell EGPWS MK XXI
M’ARMS HUMS with HOMP and Allied Combi CVFDR
NAT passenger address
NAT DACS ICS control panels x4
NAT in flight entertainment system
NAV 4000 Collins Proline 21
NAV 4500 Collins Proline 21
Display and autopilot control panel x2
Integrated standby instrument system: airspeed/altimeter/gyro-horizon
TCAS II Collins 4000
Telephonics 1600 weather radar displayed on AHCAS
HR Smith 503 ADELT with GPS connection
Serpe – IESM kannad 406 AP ELT
Fuel circuit control and monitoring panel with 2 fuel content displays

Dinol AV30 re-inforced anti corrosive treatment
Enlarged cabin grey tinted windows
Enlarged cockpit footstep
Aircond BEHR for cockpit and cabin complete installation
Aux pod fuel tanks
De-icing cockpit centre pane with wiper
Energy absorbing central fuel tank 318 L (84 US gal)
Enlarged cabin footsteps x2
First aid kit
Hydro electric group
Icing severity indicator Goodrich
Illuminated map holder
Instrument panel and cockpit painted in black
Kit for flight in limited icing conditions
Pressure refueling on ground (air con compatible)
3rd crew man seat fixed parts
Comfort upholstery with improved sound-proofing
Crashworthy floor
Luggage compartment in the intermediate structure
Pilot and copilot crashworthy fisher H140 seats
3rd handheld fire extinguisher
Cargo sling 3.8 T fixed parts
Crew flashlights x2
Emergency floatation gear
External mirrors fixed parts
Fixed lights in the sponsons
Goodrich 28V electrical hoist fixed parts
Hella anti collision strobe light system
ICS socket in luggage bay
JPC anti collision light belly mounted
Life raft on sponson x2
Veritical light for hoist/sling operations

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