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Rotortrade Services partners with Philjets Group

March 10, 2017

March 2017, Dallas, TX” Further cementing its position to become the international leader for the growing pre-owned helicopter market, Rotortrade Services enters into a strategic partnership with the PhilJets Group and its major shareholder Starline Global Industries to access the Philippine and Cambodian markets.

Established in 2013 in Singapore by Philippe and Raymond Lubrano, Rotortrade Services continues its development plan to explore professional partnerships with outstanding international aviation companies in line with its global vision. PhilJets Group and Starline Global Industries have a proven track record of offering the best value in regards to the helicopter needs of their respective markets in Cambodia and the Philippines. Partnerships such as this aim to create win-win solutions for all companies involved that will ultimately enhance total customer satisfaction.

“Rotortrade is thrilled to cement and extend a long-lasting relationship with Starline and PhilJets. Both companies share the same values and drive to elevate the (pre-owned helicopter) market by providing uncompromising quality and service to its customers by offering the right aircraft,” says Philippe Lubrano.
Founded in Manila by Chairman & CEO Thierry Tea, PhilJets Group is a leading boutique aviation company that services the Asia Pacific region, specifically the Philippines. By fourth quarter of 2017, PhilJets Helicopters Division will be accounting nine Helicopters including eight Airbus Helicopters, making it the largest Airbus Helicopter operator in the country.

Consolidating purchases for PhilJets Group is its major shareholder Starline Global Industries, the group’s holding company based in Singapore and founded by Tea in late 2012. Starline Global Industries has purchased, leased, sold and financed more than 12 helicopters in the past 18 months for the Southeast Asian region.
Tea, of Cambodian-French descent, has been developing both Starline and PhilJets’ activities in Cambodia since 2014, resulting in the group’s first three transactions in the promising emerging Cambodian market.

Together, the Starline teams’ track record comprises over USD11 billion in aircraft sales, including over USD290 million for 68 helicopters sales.

“Thanks to this partnership with Rotortrade Services and all of its network partners, we will be able to have more exchanges and to learn from other partners worldwide. We are delighted to be joining such formidable group of experts on a global stage,” says Tea.
This network agreement will allow Rotortrade Services to offer the Philippine and Cambodian markets a wider selection of pre-owned helicopters while PhilJets Aero Services Inc., the PhilJets Group’s MRO and aerospace trading arm, will have access to a larger potential worldwide customer base of helicopters and a stronger back office support. Geoffroy Cahen, Head of Sales & Marketing added, “Our success with the Airbus range has been great, though various opportunities with Bell, Leonardo and Robinsons were available that we were not able to fulfill. We believe this strategic alliance will allow our customers’ needs to be better addressed.”
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Aurelien Blanc (Managing Director, Rotortrade Services), Emilio Dalmasso (Senior Vice President - Commercial Business Unit, Leonardo Helicopters Division), Philippe Lubrano (Chairman, Rotortrade Services) and Thierry Tea (Chairman, PhilJets Aero Services & Managing Director, Starline Global Industries)

About PhilJets Group

Founded by CEO & Chairman Thierry Tea in 2012 and headquartered in Manila, PhilJets Group and its subsidiaries PhilJets Aero Services Inc. and PhilJets Aero Charter Corporation provide holistic aviation services in the Philippines and within the Asia Pacific region. With more than 55 employees, its range of activities include general aviation services, ground handling, aircraft management, aircrafts sales, spare parts pales, maintenance services, technical support, manpower, representation, charter flights, helicopter tours and aerial work.

About Rotortrade Services

Founded in 2013 in Singapore with its main operational base in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Rotortrade Services is an independent multi-brand helicopter brokerage service company and exclusive global distributor of Leonardo’s pre-owned helicopters. The company’s comprehensive range of services includes pre-sales purchase inspection and evaluation, maintenance and retrofit management and post-delivery, selected warranty on airframes and engines. Led and managed by Chairman Philippe Lubrano, Senior Partner Raymond Lubrano, Managing Partner Aurélien Blanc and CFO & Partner Franck Bouillon, Rotortrade Services has offices in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Los Angeles, Mexico City, Paris and most recently Montreal as well as affiliations with exclusive network partners around the world.


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