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Rotortrade: Hovering the World

October 1, 2018

Rotortrade through its six offices and various partners around the world has recently reported strong 2018 mid year results with 12 helicopter deliveries, 9 backlogs and 16 new exclusive mandates across manufacturers, class and mission. In these short 6 months, the team has been travelling in over 30 countries to meet its customers, inspect helicopters and develop new partnerships. Together with its regional partners, the company is weaving an extensive network covering more and more of the global market.

The helicopter industry is by any measure a global industry however, helicopters operate in a range of roughly 300nm with 80% of operators working within local communities. Matching demand and supply to find the most suitable aircraft to meet one’s needs means being able to search every corner of the world and understand local specificities.

Rotortrade firmly believes that while modern technology and online tools help bring demand and supply closer, given the complexity of buying or selling a helicopter, face to face human interaction and personal relationships remain critical in order to build the necessary trust to ensure a smooth and succesful transaction.

To this end Rotortrade will be attending the following external trade events in the next few months:

• 27 - 28 Sept ---  3rd Civil Helicopter SEA Summit in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia                          
• 16 -18 Oct --- HELITECH 2018 in Amsterdam, Netherlands                                                      
• 16 -18 Oct ---  NBAA’S Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition in Orlando,USA          
• 22 - 24 Oct  ---  Air Medical Transport Conference in Phoenix, Arizona, USA                        
• 30 Oct - 4 Nov  ---  HAC 23rd Annual Helicopter Convention in Vancouver, Canada                  
• 7 - 10 Nov  ---  INDO Helicopter Expo & Forum 2018 in Jakarta, Indonesia                            
• 6-11 Nov  --- Zhuhai Air show 2018 in Zhuhai, China                                                                
• 13-15 Nov ---  Expo CIAM in Cancun, Mexico                                                                                

Please contact us to request further information or to set up a meeting at the following address: [email protected]

Rotortrade will be happy to assist you in any of your helicopter transactions around the world from our regional offices in Canada, France, Malaysia, Mexico, Singapore, USA and through our local partners.


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