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Rotortrade has been keeping very busy these past few years and 2019 will be no different.

The company has just announced excellent results of 25 helicopter deliveries in 2018 and the opening of RT ANZ in Melbourne to cover the Oceania market.

Oceania representing the third biggest helicopter fleet globally is also a very active and established professional helicopter market, which the company could not ignore. Having its origins in Asia,  RT ANZ is a natural evolution.

Rotortrade has a well-balanced worldwide presence through its various offices spanning Asia, Europe and the Americas and plans to expand its footprint further progressively. RT is studying further offices in South America, China and Africa as well as additional regional offices in the United States within the next few years.

Rotortrade management explains that while it does have a plan on where and when it plans to open new offices, decisions are primarily based on its ability to identify the right people at the right time to lead these new ventures.  The market is very volatile so we have to be very flexible and quick to take action when fundamentals align but also in case they materially change. “We aim to be well represented globally to be close to operators while remaining a small agile company.”

“Our global expansion is also part of our people development plan to allow talents to have more responsibilities and challenges as early in their development as possible. In today’s competitive market place a company like ours may not be able to provide as much security as some of the bigger players and OEMs however we pride ourselves in giving our people opportunities they might never be able to enjoy in such big companies. We have a performance-based culture because we believe nothing else really makes sense if you want to provide the best and most competitive products to your customers. Clearly we have to stay nimble and keep our outposts efficient and cost effective and most importantly always aligned with the market.”

Rotortrade’s strategy in developing regional offices is not to forego its Network Partners but on the contrary to intensify cooperation in order to maximize opportunities and more adequately support customers.

“We have recently hired 3 junior sales managers currently in training and are in the process of hiring experienced operations and technical personnel. The only way for us to expand and scale the business further is through our people.” The company is also investing in IT solutions to enhance productivity and efficiency internally and with its customers and partners.

On the product side, Rotortrade has equally strong convictions, “while we work hard to secure more remarketing and sourcing mandates we try our best to manage expectations. Our job as we see it is to provide buyers and sellers unbiased market intelligence to assess the value of their assets or determine the most suitable helicopter to meet their needs and to design the appropriate go-to-market strategy. Only if and when we can agree on value and strategy should we go into an exclusive agreement avoiding frustrations and additional costs for all parties involved.”

The international helicopter dealer and distributor Rotortrade completes another excellent year delivering 25 helicopters in more then 18 countries. While the total number of sales is equal to that of the previous year, the product mix favored light to medium twins vs more singles previously.

During the same period the company has secured exclusive mandates or taken positions on more then 30 helicopters. Rotortrade carries exclusive inventory of 40 to 50 helicopters at any given time part of which comes from Leonardo trade-ins. As Leonardo’s sole pre-owned helicopter distributor globally, Rotortrade is the only one offering pre-owned Agusta Westland helicopters with Original Leonardo warranty. Rotortrade has also developed a CPO program with Pratt & Whitney Canada and is thus able to offer nose to tail Certified Pre-Owned helicopters for unparalleled peace of mind.

“Our policy unlike most (dealers) is to offer helicopters we have agreements for.  The pre-owned market suffers from a lack of professionalism and we try to do our part to bring more confidence to both buyers and sellers. ” Says Aurelien Blanc Rotortarde Partner.

Philippe Lubrano, Senior Partner and President adds “Our strategy to provide high standards and assurance to our customers both on the buy and sell sides have translated in an inventory turn of below 12 months rolling average which we are very happy with especially in today’s buyer’s market. We will reinvest our profits to continue our aggressive growth strategy and to continue to work for the benefit of operators worldwide.”

Rotortrade is delighted to announce its latest expansion with a new office opening soon in Australia covering the Oceania market.

With foundations in Singapore and Malaysia and established offices in Canada, France, Mexico and the United States, Rotortrade ANZ will focus on Oceania customers working hand in hand with local partners and OEMs.

Australia and New Zealand jointly represents the third-biggest civil helicopter fleet in the world.

According to the Australian Helicopter Industry Association, Australia alone has more than 2,150 helicopters, ranging from single piston-engine light VFR aircraft to twin-engine IFR machines designed for night and all-weather SAR and offshore operations; more than 3,500 pilots; and more than 2,600 engineers.

New Zealand has one of the highest densities of helicopters per capita with more than 880 civil helicopters, according to the CAA NZ, for a population fewer than 5 Million. Passion for helicopters and aviation in general runs deep.

Positioned on the doorstep of Asia, ANZ and its surrounding pacific islands such as Fiji, New Caledonia, PNG represent one of the most active helicopter markets in the world making RT ANZ a natural evolution and complement to Rotortrade’s global footprint.

“The opening of our Melbourne office will allow Rotortrade to provide much better local coverage to our customers and will strengthen current and future sales across the region,” said Aurelien Blanc, Rotortarde Partner. “The exciting decision to establish a presence in this region builds upon our strategic plans for continued growth and sustained demand for pre-owned helicopters across Australia and New Zealand but also to find more opportunities to sell out of the region making use of the excellent quality of maintenance and operations.”

Philippe Lubrano Rotortrade President pursues “Local operators are amongst the best in the world and establishing a local presence is an obvious choice for any serious player.”

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Stay tuned and see you soon in Melbourne!

Rotortrade through its six offices and various partners around the world has reported
Strong 2018 results with 25 helicopter deliveries,  10 backlogs and more than 30 new exclusive mandates across manufactures, class and mission. During the past year, Rotortrade team has been travelling in over 30 countries to meet its customers, inspect helicopters and develop new partnerships. Together with its regional partners, the company is weaving an extensive network covering more and more of the global market.
In the first quarter of 2019, Rotortrade will be attending the following trade events:

•    20-24 February - Aero India in Bangalore, India
•    20-22 February – Aero Expo in Toluca, Mexico
•    26-3 March – Avalon-Australia international Aerospace & Defence Exposition in Melbourne, Australia
•    4-7 March- Heli Expo 2019 in Atlanta, Georgia
•    26-30 March- LIMA- Langkawi International Maritime & Aerospace Exhibition
•    9-11 April – Rotorcraft Asia in Changi, Singapore

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Rotortrade will be pleased to assist you in any of your helicopter transaction around the world from our regional offices in Malaysia, France, USA, Singapore, Canada, Mexico and through our local partners.

13th International Aviation Trade Show & Expo CIAM is supported by the Mexican Federal & State Governments and the worldwide Aeronautics Industry, CIAM provides valuable business opportunities to meet and make sales with aircraft manufacturers, operators, pilots, airlines, maintenance, repair & overhaul companies, service assistance, air cargo transportation, instruction & training, military, airline owner associations, as well as companies dedicated to the sale of equipment and accessories to the national and international industry leaders.

CIAM 2018 will be held in Cancun, Mexico on 13 th -15 th November 2018, Rotortrade team would be happy to meet you there! For any inquiries or meeting appointments please contact us at [email protected].

INDODEFENCE 2018 EXPO & FORUM - The Indonesia’s  Tri-Service Defence, Aerospace, Helicopter and Maritime security event will be held at Jakarta International Expo Kemayoran, Indonesia From 7 – 10 November 2018. Hosted by the Ministry of Defence, INDODEFENCE 2018 Expo & Forum is recognized as the indispensable place to be, learn, network and do business. Rotortrade team will be there as well and would be pleased to meet you. To schedule an appointment, please contact us at [email protected]

The Helicopter Association of Canada (HAC) is Canada’s must attend helicopter event. This event helps to promote a political and regulatory environment that will foster a prosperous Canadian helicopter industry. Its mission is to educate its members, civil servants, and the general public about issues that are important to the industry. The association aims to develop and expand the utilization of helicopter transport at all levels of Canadian life and to exchange maintenance practices and common issues among members. This year HAC 23RD Annual Convention and Trade Show will be held at Vancouver, British Columbia on November 1st-4th 2018.

Rotortrade team will be happy to meet you there! Stay in touch with us to schedule an appointment at [email protected]

Rotortrade paves the way for greater value in the pre-owned helicopter market: Comprehensive HEMS start-up package and another great example of industry cooperation.

The HEMS market has seen constant and significant growth over the last few years, be it in developing markets or mature ones. Growth has seen double digits, making it the fastest growing helicopter mission segment with even more opportunities ahead.
Ambulatory healthcare, national and local governments clearly recognize the needs and benefits of air ambulances and emergency air medical evacuations.

With that in mind, various barriers to entry have kept new entrants away. Operators have to invest in helicopters equipped with state of the art avionics allowing IFR all weather flying and on-board medical equipment; special infrastructures such as hospital helipads, weather stations and emergency communications must be put in place while crews must go through extensive mission training.

Two to three helicopters are needed to start an efficient HEMS operation. This allows fleet availability for at least one aircraft by accounting for maintenance downtime and mitigating risk for unscheduled events.

Those who manage to clear all these hurdles have a bright future ahead.

The high capital expenditures & expertise required to start an HEMS operation have kept smaller players and secondary markets out of the game for the most part. However, we are seeing some change in the market, with various companies teaming up to offer comprehensive packages to meet operator requirements for lower entry costs or simply fast and efficient scaling solutions.

An example of this is Rotortrade’s partnership with Leonardo Helicopters offering 3 pre-owned A109E Power in EMS configuration in an unbeatable package deal. These ships previously operated by a leading US HEMS operator are ready to start saving lives. The offer includes nose-to-tail Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) warranty coverage from Leonardo and Pratt & Whitney Canada made possible through proper OEM maintenance ensuring care free start of operations and combined with pilot and technician training.

These companies are working hand in hand to provide affordbale turnkey solutions with comprehensive support, thereby reducing barriers to entry. This package can be customized based on the client’s needs. Rotortrade is already working on similar packages with fully equipped EC145 helicopters also very popular for HEMS operations.

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The Air Medical Transport Conference (AMTC) is specifically designed to provide leadership, to educate, to inform, to cultivate friendships and to supply up to the minute information on the latest techniques and innovative approaches to emergency medical transport practice from the experts in your field.

Network and learn with more than 2,300 colleagues from across the nation and around the world at the largest air medical convention and exposition available. The AMTC brings it all together, while providing unmatched opportunities for building profitable contacts. It’s simple, if you are involved in emergency medical transport on any level, the AMTC is the place to be, Rotortrade team will see you there in Phoenix, Arizona USA – October 22-24, 2018!

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Rotortrade paves the way for greater value in the pre-owned helicopter market: First OEM nose-to-tail Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) helicopter delivery and a great example of industry cooperation.

Rotortrade delivers the first nose-to-tail Certified Pre-Owned helicopter to a private operator thanks to the successful partnership and collaboration between Rotortrade, Leonardo and Pratt & Whitney Canada.

Rotortrade delivered a pre-owned AW109SP for private use in Europe last week. The helicopter featured warranty from Leonardo on the airframe, and was the first pre-owned helicopter to have engines covered as well by PWC warranty providing unparalleled peace of mind and total commitment from the manufacturers to the end user.

Rotortrade is a fully independent helicopter dealer and also the sole distributor of Leonardo Helicopter pre-owned helicopters. Through this partnership, it is able to offer pre-owned helicopters with the full backing of the OEM. Rotortrade also launched with Pratt & Whitney Canada during this year’s HAI a new CPO (Certified Pre-Owned) service to its customers for all pre-owned PWC 206, 207 and PT-6 engines.

These partnerships truly leverage the competencies and expertize of various key industry players for the benefit of operators.

“Each party worked hard over several months to deliver this pre-owned helicopter in pristine condition and with maximum benefit to the end client. We are very grateful to Leonardo and PWC and other top tier companies involved for their unwavering commitment and efforts to bring quality products to market and create higher value on the mature yet inefficient pre-owned helicopter market. We will continue to work with OEMs to extend similar CPO products on other makes and models.” says Rotortrade President Philipe Lubrano.


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