Rotortrade Celebrates Successful Transaction of a Super Puma H225 aircraft with AIRTELIS

Published On: December 6, 2023

Madrid, 6 December 2023— Rotortrade, the leading global helicopter distributor, is thrilled to announce the successful transaction of the Super Puma H225 with AIRTELIS, marking a significant milestone in their collaborative efforts and reinforcing their strong presence in the market.

The collaboration with AIRTELIS has proven to be robust and strategically vital within the industry. The transaction, executed with remarkable efficiency, stands out for its exceptionally quick implementation, particularly noteworthy for an aircraft of the caliber of the H225.

This achievement is a testament to the strength of the partnership between Rotortrade and AIRTELIS, contributing significantly to Rotortrade’s continued growth both within the French market and on a global scale. The seamless execution of this transaction underscores Rotortrade’s commitment to delivering value to its clients.

“This collaboration represents an important milestone for Rotortrade,” said Philippe Lubrano, CEO & Founder of Rotortrade. “Our partnership with AIRTELIS is a key driver of our success, and this transaction exemplifies the efficiency and speed that define our approach in the industry.”

“We are very satisfied with the service provided by Rotortrade and the efficiency of the entire transaction process,” said Laurent Giolitti, CEO of AIRTELIS. “Their commitment to excellence and quick response aligns seamlessly with our operational needs, and we look forward to continued success in our partnership.”

The successful transaction not only signifies a milestone for Rotortrade but also opens up new opportunities with AIRTELIS in the future. The client’s satisfaction underscores the quality of service and reliability that define Rotortrade’s operations.

Rotortrade takes pride in the swift and efficient completion of the transaction, especially considering the intended use of the Super Puma H225. The aircraft will be deployed for firefighting operations in the south of France, contributing to environmental protection—a cause that holds great importance for Rotortrade.

“As a company, we are proud that the Super Puma H225 will be utilized for firefighting purposes, particularly in the south of France,” added Philippe Lubrano. “Environmental protection is a cause close to our hearts, and this transaction aligns with our commitment to making a positive impact through our operations.”

Distinguished for its proactive initiative in H225 re-purposing towards versatile multi-role missions, Rotortrade spearheads this endeavor. With substantial investments and a proven track record of successfully selling multiple Super Puma helicopters in recent years, Rotortrade is consolidating its leadership within this segment.

This successful collaboration and transaction not only reinforce Rotortrade’s position in the market but also exemplify the company’s dedication to providing efficient and value-driven solutions for its clients.

About Rotortrade:

Established in December 2012 by Philippe Lubrano in Singapore, Rotortrade’s mission has been to lead the pre-owned helicopter industry by delivering top-notch helicopter experiences to customers seeking new aircraft backed by manufacturers. With a global presence of 12 owned dealerships, Rotortrade is an industry leader dedicated to elevating customer satisfaction. As the sole distributor of Leonardo pre-owned helicopters, an authorized reseller for Airbus pre-owned civil helicopters (RT MEA), and the only helicopter dealership that provides Nose-to-tail Certified Pre-Owned Helicopters, Rotortrade offers Helicopters You Can Trust. In October 2021, The Helicopter Company, under the Public Investment Fund, acquired 51% of Rotortrade, ultimately completing a 100% acquisition in June 2023.

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