Rotortrade Celebrates the Remarkable Milestone of Selling 100 pre-owned Leonardo Helicopters

Published On: June 22, 2023

Rotortrade, the global leader in helicopter distribution, is proud to announce the sale of its 100th pre-owned Leonardo helicopter, marking a significant milestone for the company.

The sole international distributor of Leonardo pre-owned helicopters, Rotortrade holds a long-term agreement with Leonardo that extends until 2026, a collaboration which has been an important part in the growing success of Rotortrade in recent years. This strategic partnership enables Rotortrade to offer customers across the globe unparalleled access to premium pre-owned Leonardo helicopters, all of which are supported by the OEM. By combining our expertise with the assurance of OEM backing, we ensure that our customers receive the highest quality helicopters available in the market. This achievement highlights the trust that customers globally place in both Rotortrade and Leonardo’s products.

To further enhance their position in the industry, Rotortrade recently announced their acquisition by THC-PIF, which will enable them to expand their market presence and offer a wider inventory of helicopters. This exciting development will benefit both existing and new customers.

“Since the start of our collaboration with Rotortrade we have seen opportunities rapidly growing, delivering together the best solutions for those who seek for an ideal combination of affordability, capability and serviceability. We congratulate Rotortrade for their growth performance and look forward to continuing this partnership as the pre-owned market requirements evolve further, complementing the one for new helicopters.” mentioned Paul de Jonge, SVP Commercial Market Development & Global Accounts at Leonardo Helicopters.

“We are proud to celebrate the sale of 100 pre-owned Leonardo helicopters,” commented Aurélien  Blanc, EVP Global Sales of Rotortrade. “The remarkable success of our collaboration with Leonardo, in selling premium quality helicopters notably from the 139 and 109 families enables us to pursue our vision of providing the best quality helicopters on the market. Working with Leonardo Helicopters ensures our customers receive the best support possible for the long run significantly reducing the risk of acquisition.”

About Leonardo Helicopters:

Leonardo’s helicopters are deployed in more than 150 countries worldwide for every type of mission. From the 1.8-ton single-engine category to 16-ton three-engine aircraft, the company’s vertical flight solutions are the most advanced and include comprehensive technical assistance and training services to enable operators to carry out their missions efficiently and safely. As well as the full spectrum of capabilities to develop fundamental vertical flight technologies, Leonardo’s range of solutions also includes remotely piloted aircraft and tiltrotors, continuously pushing the boundaries of innovation in air mobility and for every mission requirement. For more information, please visit: 

About Rotortrade (RT):

Rotortrade is the leading global helicopter dealer and sole international distributor of Leonardo’s pre-owned helicopters. Its extensive network throughout the spectrum of the industry enables it to acquire and carry a broad fleet of aircraft from all major manufacturers providing its clients full end-to-end and fully secured services.

Rotortrade has 11 dealerships around the world with offices in Florida, Kuala Lumpur, London, Los Angeles, Melbourne, Mexico City, Marseille, Montreal, Paris, Philadelphia, Riyadh, Singapore, Sarajevo and Shanghai.

For more information, please visit:

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