Rotortrade 2019 Results

Published On: January 31, 2020

ROTORTRADE pursues organic growth, reports excellent 2019 results and predicts operators will buy more and more pre-owned helicopters in the coming years.

Rotortrade, a leading international distributor of helicopters announces excellent results and steady growth for 2019 reaching 30 bookings within the 12 months.

“Beyond the number of helicopters which was in line with our projections for the year, we are especially happy with the mix of helicopters representing more than 150 tons / 350,000 pounds across segments and missions taking into account helicopter empty weights. We are proud to have successfully brought to market light single to heavy helicopters in corporate-VIP, utility, firefighting, EMS and SAR configurations, managed several large scale returns to service, reconfigurations and customizations and having exported to over 20 different countries.”

“Our presence in all continents enables us to handle cross border transactions more efficiently. Beyond strategic choices, what we are most proud of is our team, always committed to meet customer needs and go the extra mile.” Says Aurélien Blanc, Managing Partner.

Working for the benefit of operators and aligned with its development plan, Rotortrade has opened two new offices in 2019, in Melbourne, focused on the ANZ market and a 3000 square feet facility in Marseilles providing further capabilities to the company. With these new branches, there are now eight offices around the world. In 2020 the company has already planned to open one more branch with a target to have a total of 10 branches located and structured according to markets demands.

“The helicopter market is very localized, RT’s global reach ensures we can fully harness global trends and build significant relationships with operators with whom we share the same values and culture.” Says Philippe Lubrano, President of Rotortrade.

The company believes the helicopter pre-owned market will continue to grow becoming an option fewer and fewer operators can ignore. “There has been a global glut in supply deflating asset prices but beyond that, the market is becoming more professional providing both buyers and sellers more dependable advice and asset management options.” Raymond Lubrano Rotortrade Senior Partner sees “significant room to improve and exciting opportunities for those agile enough.”

Rotortrade is pursuing consistently its drive to enhance customer experience for helicopter acquisition and divestment. In the pre-owned market notably, the company continues to work with Leonardo and other major OEMs insisting on quality, proximity and OEM warranty. Today RT offers AgustaWestland Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) helicopters from Leonardo, has jointly developed an industry leading CPO program with Pratt & Whitney Canada and a light CPO with Safran HE. Rotortrade is working closely with other major OEMs to follow suit and believes this will dramatically transform the value chain.

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