Rotortrade 2019 Development Plans

Published On: March 8, 2019

Rotortrade has been keeping very busy these past few years and 2019 will be no different.

The company has just announced excellent results of 25 helicopter deliveries in 2018 and the opening of RT ANZ in Melbourne to cover the Oceania market.

Oceania representing the third biggest helicopter fleet globally is also a very active and established professional helicopter market, which the company could not ignore. Having its origins in Asia,  RT ANZ is a natural evolution.

Rotortrade has a well-balanced worldwide presence through its various offices spanning Asia, Europe and the Americas and plans to expand its footprint further progressively. RT is studying further offices in South America, China and Africa as well as additional regional offices in the United States within the next few years.

Rotortrade management explains that while it does have a plan on where and when it plans to open new offices, decisions are primarily based on its ability to identify the right people at the right time to lead these new ventures.  The market is very volatile so we have to be very flexible and quick to take action when fundamentals align but also in case they materially change. “We aim to be well represented globally to be close to operators while remaining a small agile company.”

“Our global expansion is also part of our people development plan to allow talents to have more responsibilities and challenges as early in their development as possible. In today’s competitive market place a company like ours may not be able to provide as much security as some of the bigger players and OEMs however we pride ourselves in giving our people opportunities they might never be able to enjoy in such big companies. We have a performance-based culture because we believe nothing else really makes sense if you want to provide the best and most competitive products to your customers. Clearly we have to stay nimble and keep our outposts efficient and cost effective and most importantly always aligned with the market.”

Rotortrade’s strategy in developing regional offices is not to forego its Network Partners but on the contrary to intensify cooperation in order to maximize opportunities and more adequately support customers.

“We have recently hired 3 junior sales managers currently in training and are in the process of hiring experienced operations and technical personnel. The only way for us to expand and scale the business further is through our people.” The company is also investing in IT solutions to enhance productivity and efficiency internally and with its customers and partners.

On the product side, Rotortrade has equally strong convictions, “while we work hard to secure more remarketing and sourcing mandates we try our best to manage expectations. Our job as we see it is to provide buyers and sellers unbiased market intelligence to assess the value of their assets or determine the most suitable helicopter to meet their needs and to design the appropriate go-to-market strategy. Only if and when we can agree on value and strategy should we go into an exclusive agreement avoiding frustrations and additional costs for all parties involved.”

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