Lighting up Malaysia

Published On: March 2, 2017

One of the goals of Rotortrade Services is to bridge the gap between owners, operators, maintenance organizations and the industry at large. The company takes the lead in sharing the necessary knowledge about aircraft acquisition and maintenance with manufacturers and distributors around the world. This helps standardize the quality of aviation services provided by Rotortrade among the different industries involved.

One of the industry leaders in the trade-in helicopter market, Rotortrade Services recognizes the responsibility of extending this goal beyond catering to the needs of businesses. As the company takes part in opening possibilities of business transportation to different countries, it also continues to seek ways to create possibilities for the communities in these countries. This is why Rotortrade Services connected with Liter of Light in Malaysia: the country where the advocacy started its humble beginnings.

Liter of Light visited the village of Kampung Teras, a village in Malaysia that has experienced total darkness at night for a decade now. The community of Kampung Teras is comprised of 112 people, all taking advantage of daylight as much as they can. Their lifestyle and livelihood are limited to only what they can do while daylight is still available for them. According to the villagers, there is never room for extra income because the work they produce–from farming and selling produce–are all limited to daylight hours. The same goes for students in the village whose schooling and studying is limited only before nightfall.
This year, Rotortrade Services joins in the initiative to share liters of light to Kampung Teras. The company aims to help build not only solar-powered lanterns made from recycled bottles, but also a sustainable community all over Malaysia.

Rotortrade Services shares its success with these communities to open doors for the villagers of Kampung Teras for better livelihood, education and opportunities beyond their community.
Led by Jason Lo, this campaign encourages companies and celebrities to become generous donors to help improve lives in Kampung Teras. It also encourages the youth of Malaysia and the world to take part in creating these recycled lanterns. Currently, Liter of Light has reached 79% of their funds. This will allow them to create 60 lamps for Kampung Teras by March 2017.

Rotortrade Services continues to contribute to the success of this project and encourages other companies to do the same. The company strongly believes in building more sustainable communities with safer environments, good access to education and equal livelihood. Rotortrade is grateful for the opportunity to help and to work with the youth of today to help eradicate energy poverty together.

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